Logistics: Key Terms for What We Do

Logistics Key Terms

At JetEx Logistics, we are dedicated to providing your or your company with quality services to make your shipping experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. Some of these services include expedited/sameday, LTL, FTL and intermodal shipping.

The freight and shipping world is full of specific terminology that can sometimes be confusing. To understand what you need, and what is available, here are the definitions of important terms and services available through JetEx for you.

Logistics Key Terms

3PL – Also known as Third-Party Logistics, is a logistics or supply chain organization that outsources its distribution, fulfillment and/or warehousing services.

Over the last 20 years as a 3PL, we developed relationships with many of the nation’s major LTL carriers and a freight rater system to find the best rates for your shipments quickly and easily.

Bobtail – This commercial straight truck is used for small to medium loads.

Dry Van – This is a typical, non-climate controlled rectangular trailer for dry goods and non-refrigerated items.

Final-Mile – This is delivery from the first to the final destination. Final-mile is typically for delivery to a personal residence as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Flatbed – This is a trailer for transport that isn’t enclosed.

FTL – Also known as full truckload, this is when the load fills the entire truck.

Heavy Haul – This is for loads too large for transport without a special escort over the road.

Hot Shot – This is for small loads to accessible locations on a specific deadline.

Intermodal – When a load must be carried by other forms of transportation such as air, ship or rail.

LTL – Also known as Less Than Truckload, this is for several smaller loads meant for multiple destinations.

Reefer – This is a refrigerated, insulated box trailer.

Tractor Trailer – This is a typical semi-truck with a trailer attached.

If you have any questions about any of these terms or services, feel free to reach out via our contact form or give us a call at 972-920-SHIP (7447).

Check out this Logistics Glossary for more definitions.